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Blaine Watts

Passionate Leader and Culture Creator

Meet Blaine

Blaine Watts, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is an Executive Sales Leader at Cisco. With over twenty years of experience as a global business and sales leader, he possesses a proven track record of success reflected in multiple performance awards, exponential revenue growth, and a network of high-value professional connections. 

In his current role, Blaine leads a cross-functioning team that services the company’s biggest enterprise clients through the delivery and support of technology solutions. Cisco Systems, Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-tech services and products. As an Executive Sales Leader, Blaine and his team work directly with clients to devise technology solutions to help improve business performance, manage risk, drive growth, and elevate customer experience. 

Prior to beginning his career at Cisco in 2000, Blaine served in a variety of general management roles. When recruited by Cisco, he brought to the table years of experience running businesses and operations—a key skill that helps him better understand his clients’ needs and goals, as well as how to effectively run his department. While many individuals in corporate roles view their duties as part of a grand picture, Blaine Watts approaches his team as if they were a standalone business to maximize profit and decrease expenses as part of the contribution to the grand picture. 

For example, in his second role at Cisco as the Regional Manager of the DC Metro and Carolinas Enterprise, Blaine was able to grow revenue from $70M to $265M while decreasing the expense to bookings ratio from 4.6 to 3.2 in only six years. In his next role, he increased revenue by 122%, simultaneously reducing sales costs by 10%. Combining past experience and natural business acumen, Blaine understands how to build a financially viable business both internally and externally. 

In addition to his analytical approach, Blaine Watts believes in the importance of building strong relationships with employees and clients alike. Internally, he prioritizes learning about his team members to better understand their motivations and strengths. Blaine values team diversity and inclusion, as his experience in the corporate world shows that individuals with unique backgrounds and ideas result in more nuanced results. In many ways, he approaches client relationships similarly. 

Blaine understands that superior service is a result of understanding what the client needs and wants to get from a product—and, more so, what their customer’s needs are, as well. With a researched idea of his client’s business and their unique needs, he is able to align outcomes addressing the gaps in his client’s processes. Most recently, Blaine has been helping clients better protect their data and processes as more companies begin to ramp up their security measures. 

Outside of work, Blaine Watts spends as much time as possible with his family. With two teenage sons, he and his wife spend the majority of their free time at sports events, including track and cross country meets, wrestling matches and football games. Blaine is also an active community member. He is a regular volunteer at the North Carolina Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity, and has run a marathon benefiting Run for Autism. 

To learn more about Blaine and his insight into the corporate world, executive leadership, and building a successful team, be sure to visit his blog. 

Throughout his career, Blaine has consistently delivered dynamic results, including:

Grew revenue $45M to $400M by focusing on industry drivers, and coaching and motivating the team to align solutions to increase sales.

Doubled productivity per head by managing expenses while simultaneously growing revenue by 300%.

Transformed the business by developing and implementing sales plays that focused on market adjacencies, resulting in repeatable and scaleable solutions for business-driven customer outcomes.

Decreased sales costs by more than 10% with focus on controlling bottom-line investments while realigning investments in strategic areas with growth potential.