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Steve Jobs was a visionary with a powerful personality and an uncanny ability to spot talent. He was able to create innovative products, design revolutionary operating systems, and leave a lasting impact on the world.


Here are 5 leadership lessons that Steve Jobs left us with:


Failure Provides an Opportunity to Learn


Jobs believed that failure is not only a word used to describe a mistake but also an opportunity to learn and grow. The world is changing rapidly and we have to take advantage of this opportunity and adapt to the new market.


Failure is not just something to be avoided. Failure is a word used quite often in the world of business. For some, failure is simply a word used to describe a mistake or event that didn’t go well. For others it’s an opportunity to learn and grow from mistakes and mistakes are an inevitable part of life.


Keep the Faith


Jobs’ quotes have been posted on many websites for his inspirational message. He said, “Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.” He sought to encourage people not to give up on their dreams.


Stay People Oriented


Jobs believed that entrepreneurs should surround themselves with good people, and give them opportunities to grow in an organization.


He felt that entrepreneurs should not hire only the best people to build their teams but also design products for people rather than rely on focus groups to determine what consumers want in a product.


Practice Independent Thinking


Jobs believed that independent thinking is at the heart of success and is one of the enduring lessons of life. He inspired people with his words and values.


He thought that people should follow their hearts and intuition over conventional practices. He also emphasized the importance of having a creative mind when it comes to generating ideas.


Be Willing to Take Risks


“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” is a powerful quote associated with Steve Jobs because it speaks to the idea of never being afraid to try new things, being ambitious, and not settling for mediocre work.


This maxim reminds people that they should stay hungry for opportunity and not settle for mediocre work. No matter what their circumstances are, everyone has the power within themselves to take on challenges and come out on top.


Steve Jobs was a leader in many ways. He said things that provoked controversy but followed up on his vision of “making a dent in the universe” by creating the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. His legacy is that he fostered creativity and innovation through entrepreneurship and independent thinking.

Blaine Watts