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Leadership is a skill that you can improve with effort over time, but there are many common mistakes people make when they try to lead others–mistakes that they need to avoid at all costs.

1. Assuming that Personal Way is the Best.

A person’s experience as a leader does not mean they know everything or have the best ideas for everyone all of the time. If a person thinks that their every idea will be good for their followers, they’re probably doing something wrong. Some leaders get a weird satisfaction from telling everyone what to do, which can make people bitter and resentful rather than loyal and willing to help perform tasks.

2. Giving the Direct Orders.

When a leader gives direct orders, they are taking on a lot of responsibility. People who are following a leader might not listen to them. Will they bother to read directions, or even will they perform tasks they were asked to perform? These people might do just fine on their own, but if a leader thinks they know what is best for them, they ask for trouble.

3. Belittling Followers’ Thoughts and Opinions.

People who are working for a leader are not just there to do what they’re told. They have smart ideas of their own that can make them better at their job, and the leader should always be open to hearing those ideas–even if they disagree with them. No one likes to be put down for having an opinion in the first place, but there is also the chance that these suggestions can help improve productivity.

4. Not Communicating Goals.

If people don’t know what their leader is trying to achieve, they cannot help them get there. If a manager has no idea what the goal is for a project, how can they expect their followers to know? Communication is vital as a leader.

5. Using Unproductive Words and Phrases.

Some of the words that leaders say might seem harmless, but they can have a negative impact when they are said regularly. For example, the word “sorry” can be hard to say in some situations; it can make people sad about doing something wrong. The word “you” is similar: It can be discouraging for people if they think their boss is talking to them as children.

Leadership is a skill that anyone can learn, but one has to have a good understanding of what makes a good leader in the first place. They cannot assume that they know what their followers want or need just because they are in charge. Even if it seems like the most obvious decision, not everyone will be on board with something they say.Blaine Watts Bio Card