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The test of true leadership comes not in easy times when everything is relatively stable, and the main task is managing the status quo. Instead, the real leadership test comes during trying times, where uncertainty looms, and people are afraid of the future. Several types of strong leaders can be born out of crisis. Some, like Winston Churchill, are widely admired for their grit and integrity. 

Successful leaders in tough times – like the COVID-19 era – although distinct in their styles, share common characteristics and approaches to effective leadership. Here are a few.


Compassion-Oriented Leadership

One of the central tenants of leadership modus operandi that binds people together focuses on compassion and empathy when setting policy, managing day-to-day tasks, and understanding others’ worries. Connect with your team to truly understand what’s going on in work and outside of work. People are hurting severely during this time – financially, emotionally, and physically. That’s why compassionate leaders are needed now more than ever. 



With workers forced to telecommute to the office, entire workflows are being revamped. Not to mention the massive logistic issues of doing business across borders in an era of mass lockdown. Because of this, the term “agility” is talked about quite often.

Agility is not only beneficial to you as a leader but also to your organization as a whole. According to HBR putting team members into “self-managed and customer-focused multidisciplinary teams” helps to accelerate profitable growth and develop your team into a more adaptable one. Use the tools you have to meet the needs or limitations of the present situation.


Clear Prioritizing

Tough but necessary decisions have to be made during the COVID-19-induced economic downturn and challenges. Good leaders are the ones who have to make these decisions, then shoulder the blame if things go wrong or distribute the credit if they go right.

When workers demand to know why decisions are made, leaders must be able to provide answers to maintain order. Having a clear set of prioritizes enables transparency and clarity. Both transparency and clarity put everyone at ease and gives your team a sense of direction. 


These are just a few of the strategies leaders can use in the Covid-19 era.